Kelly Hoey

DePaul Catholic

Depaul Catholic from SJU COM on Vimeo.

This is a video my classemates & I filmed, directed and produced as a Teacher Appreciation video for the teachers at The DePaul Catholic School in Philadelphia,PA.The goal of this video was to film students and their teachers and create a thank you video for the hard working teachers at DePaul. We used professional cameras to film, as well as professional lighting. To edit the video we used Adobe Audition, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Minka Music Video

This is a Music Video for the Philadelphia based band Minka. My classmates and I were given the task to create from scratch our own music video, we could either produce the music and create a video or we could find a local band. We found Minka, we went to a performance of theirs and filmed them in their natural element performing for fans. We used DSLR cameras to film the scenes of the music video, and we used Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the music video and put it all together.

Poverty In Philadelphia

This video is a short film that is about Change Makers in Philadelpia. The task/goal of this video was to find people around the Philadelphia area who work to make positive changes around the community. The person in this video worked with an organization that helps homeless people in Philadelphia with their everyday needs. This video was shot on an iPhone but a tripod was used. Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere Pro were used to edit the video together.