Reflection #1 For this second project the Professional Website, we focused a lot on emotional and responsive design. Meaning when we go on a website there is an emotional feel to it, and the person who designed that site designed it in a way to make their audience feel a certain way about it and get a certain response out of them when looking at the site. I believe that my Website does have emotional and responsive design. I think that it is very sleek in the color scheme, not a ton going on which I enjoy because I didn't want people viewing my site to be very distracted by a lot of things going on at once so I stuck to a gray and black color scheme. My about me page explains a little bit about me, and my plans for the future which shows that I am pretty open with myself and am outgoing by sharing that information with other people. Overall my website stuck to my orginal design sketches, my front page especially I wanted my name in big letters that stood out, and I wanted it to be the first thing you saw when you entered the page and I succeeded in doing that. I think that some aspects of my design had changed, I wanted to make my portfolio page a little different and more eye catching but felt that it looked better in the end being simple. Overall though the designs I had originally drew out for my website design had stayed the same and I was able to make my website look and feel the way that I wanted it too. If I had more time I think I would have added maybe more to my portfolio page, as well as possibly pictures of myself to show my audience or people viewing my site a little more into my personal life and who I am to give them more an emotional sense of me and make them connect more. But overall I think I did a good job of creating the emotional and responsive design I wanted to in the end.

Reflection #2 My progress from the first project of the Resume to the second the Professional Website has been good I think. Starting out with little to no coding experience to now being at a level where I can code a simple website using HTML and CSS is a great feeling. I think overall my HTML and CSS skills have gotten better over the course of the semester due to practice and trial and error and seeing what I did wrong and how I can fix it. Right now I feel pretty comfortable with coding and Web Design, I still might need assistance or to look at the book or a website for reference but overall I think if given another project I would be able to complete it pretty well using HTML and CSS. Overall I think both projects came out well, and I am proud of my progress with learning HTML, CSS and different Web Desig techniques and am excited to see what the future holds for my Web Design skills!